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Change of Name

March 25, 2013

During March, I continued developing this passion of mine, Restoring our Health in Indian Country, though a couple of actions. While at Chugachmiut, I had been working on reforming the health care system I managed for the tribes to implement a new healing protocol. I no longer guide that effort, and continue to wish for their success at implementing the idea I started. Because of my separation from Chugachmiut, I no longer speak for them, and found it necessary to change the name of this blog to “Restoring our Health In Indian Country.”

But I believe the Restoring our Health healing protocol belongs in Indian Country, and I have been working with the National Congress of American Indians to start a Task Force on Children.  The foundations for my recommendation to NCAI President Jefferson Keel, Executive Director Jacqueline Johnson-Pata and Policy Center Director Malia Villegas were the Adverse Childhood Experience Study (Link Here), the National Institute of Health’s National Children’s Study (Link Here), the American Academy of Pediatric’s Policy Guidance on Childhood Trauma (Link Here) and the United State’s Attorney General’s  Defending Childhood Initiative (Link Here).

Our next step is to develop the Resolution establishing the Task Force and introducing it at the NCAI Mid Year Conference that will be held in Reno, Nevada on June 24-27, 2013. Seeking membership and becoming educated and informed about the major issues facing Indian Children will follow. Hopefully we will begin to discuss policy reforms necessary to protect children and give them the best opportunity to grow and develop into healthy and happy adults.

I am excited about this next phase of my advocacy career and look forward to learning a lot, and helping to reform our health care and behavioral health systems in Indian Country in a way that protects all of our Native Children, and heal those adults who are hurting themselves, and who raise them.

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